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Photo Story – Youth on the Move

World Education is working to reduce the vulnerability of Cambodian youth to trafficking and exploitation through innovative activities with a focus on learning through technology, livelihoods training, and student leadership development.

Improving learning outcomes and motivation through mLearning

Chhaya, a 10-year-old boy, currently studies in Grade 2 at a school where World Education, Inc. is implementing the Total Reading Approach for Children Plus (TRAC+) project, with funding support from World Vision. Chhaya has lived with his grandparents since he was four years old, following his mother’s death and his father’s remarriange. His grandparents are agricultural day laborers, and thus do not have regular income. As his grandparents are very busy, they do not have much time to look after him. At the start of the school year Chhaya was often absent from school for extended periods of time, and was unable to keep up with his studies and acquire the necessary reading and writing skills.

Peer Tutors Make a Difference in Cambodia

At school in Siem Reap, a province in northern Cambodia, students crowd to the school library during break times. At the sound of the bell dismissing morning classes, the room fills with students who move quickly, pulling books from the shelves and settling into a corner to read.

Former Struggling Student Helps Others Improve their Reading Skills

As a child, Sothea dropped out of school for nearly six months, without the support of a family member to keep him in school. When he was given homework he did not have any support or advice, and he lost his motivation to go to school. Fortunately, Mr. Sarein, a primary school teacher, visited him and encouraged him to return to school.

Now Sothea looks back and uses his own experience as inspiration in his work as a literacy coach through the TRAC+ project.

Creating a Culture of Reading – TRAC+ Success Story

Thavary is one of the literacy coaches trained through the TRAC+ project, chosen for participation because of her eagerness to help struggling students. As Thavary explains, “when I was young I didn’t have many resources. Not I want to use what I know to help students develop, and I was to see the education system improve as well.”

Journey to Cambodia: A first-hand look at World Education's work in Cambodian Schools

A report on a program officer’s trip to Cambodia to visit World Education’s project sites in rural schools.

Youth on the Move Feature Story – 2015 – Students Train to Be Leaders with Youth on the Move

Arunny is a 9th-grade student who is training to become a leader in her school and community with World Education’s Youth on the Move Program. 2015.

Youth on the Move Feature Story – Building Life Skills and Self Confidence – 2015

Chhoun Le became a leader in her community, and a resource on safety and migration, through her involvement with World Education’s Youth on the Move Program. 2015.

Youth on the Move Feature Story – 2015 – Harnessing Technology for Youth Learning and Safety

World Education is using technology in innovative ways to enhance the learning and safety of Cambodian youth. 2015.

Youth on the Move Feature Story – 2015 – Youth Empowerment through Student Councils

In early 2015 youth in the rural Cambodian province of Prey Veng attended some of the first workshops for Student Councils facilitated by World Education.