Developing a Monitoring & Evaluation System for OVC Programs  (2010-11)

Systems that enable governments and organizations to monitor and evaluate ongoing activities are critical to ensuring program effectiveness and quality. With support from UNICEF, World Education, in partnership with John Snow, Inc. (JSI), developed a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system to monitor, analyze, and report on the basic essential services delivered to orphans and children affected by HIV and AIDS and other vulnerable children (OVCs) in Cambodia under the National Plan of Action for Orphans, Children Affected by HIV and Other Vulnerable Children in Cambodia, 2008–2010.

This activity was designed in response to a recent review from the OVC Taskforce in Cambodia of the documented challenges in the implementation of the national plan (NPA). The WEI/JSI consultancy team:

  • Identified data/reporting needs as per the essential services delivered to OVC under the NPA;
  • Developed a M&E framework and harmonized system for monitoring services being delivered to OVC;
  • Ensured that the system was pilot tested for routine data collection, reporting, and management in at least one province; and
  • Outlined and delivered minimum training and capacity building needs for coordinating and implementing partners.
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