Digital Technology for Financial Empowerment

Financial products and services can be confusing to navigate- especially for people living in poverty in rural communities. With many trying to navigate banking for the first time, it is difficult to know who to trust. However, it is these very products and services that can help people living in poverty to save and build capital. World Education believes that by educating people in Cambodia on their rights and options when it comes to financial services, we can help lift people out of poverty and avoid the traps of over indebtedness.talkmoney_logo

As part of the Digital Technology and Financial Empowerment (DTFE) project, Good Return and World Education in partnership with the National Bank of Cambodia launched the Tohs Niyeay Pi Luy (Let’s Talk Money) Campaign, which will run from March to June.

The goal of the Digital Technology for Financial Empowerment (DFTE) project and the Let’s Talk Money campaign is for young Cambodians to talk more about money, seek out information and use it to make wise money decisions. The campaign targets Cambodian youth (aged 15-30) in urban and rural communities across Cambodia and is built upon four themes: NegotiateChoose, Use and Communicate.

DTFE feature pictureMobile and digital technologies offer scalable and sustainable solutions to delivering educational and campaign content to Cambodia’s youth. The campaign will engage youth through a series of videos via Facebook, TV and radio, and campaign partners (such as schools, factories, NGOs and Smart – Cambodia’s leading mobile operator). Each video contains an educational message and call to action. These are complemented with voxpop videos, facilitation guides, information sheets and campaign marketing collateral. The campaign is delivered through digital technologies and targeted at Cambodia’s youth, with the goal of stimulating inter-generational dialogue within poor Cambodian households. World Education is thrilled to support this effort to empower financial consumers with the information and skills they need to thrive.

In addition to developing the campaign, World Education and Good Return will measure to what extent a consumer awareness campaign, delivered through digital technologies and targeted at Cambodia’s youth, can be effective in stimulating dialogue on financial decision making and ultimately contribute to building financial awareness and consumer confidence.

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