Life Skills for HIV and AIDS Education (2005-2007)

Though Cambodia has achieved recent success in its fight against the spread of HIV, the disease continues to pose a very real threat, and the youth of Cambodia may be among the country’s most vulnerable. Building on past collaborative efforts, World Education and Cambodia’s Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MoEYS) partnered together in the Life Skills for HIV and AIDS Education Program (LSHE) from 2005-2007. The initiative reached youth in and out-of-school in eight provinces across the country with a life-skills approach to HIV prevention that also includes peer education initiatives for secondary students and out-of-school youth and, on a limited basis, primary students. The LSHE project was able to improve the awareness, attitudes and behaviors of youth in its target regions in regards to HIV and AIDS and also improved the capacity of MoEYS to design and carry out future interventions related to HIV.

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