How to give:


To make an online donation, please visit World Education’s Online Giving.  You will receive a follow-up email to confirm receipt of your donation.


Please make checks payable to “World Education.”

Mail to:
World Education, Inc.
44 Farnsworth Street
Boston, MA 02210

World Education is a registered 501c 3 charity in the United States. Your gift to World Education is fully tax deductible.


Please use the following format in a letter instructing your broker:

“I (We) would like to give ____ shares of ______________ to World Education, Inc., 44 Farnsworth St., Boston, MA 02210. Please DTC free these shares to Merrill Lynch, DTC 5198 for the World Education, Inc. account 820-07X06.”

Gifts in Kind

As conditions in Cambodia vary greatly from those in the USA, or other parts of the world, gifts of materials or equipment often cannot be utilized as intended. Instead, we encourage cash donations so our local collaborators can purchase items locally, which builds their community support in Cambodia.