Addressing Rural Poverty


A participant in World Education’s Good Return Project

World Education provides financial training through multiple projects to help individuals and families learn skills such as how to budget, prioritize spending, and save money in order to improve their economic stability. Currently, World Education and its partner, World Education Australia, are working together to implement Good Return, a microfinance program that does more than simply provide loans to the poor: it equips local microfinance institutions to provide financial capability training to the most vulnerable clients. The Good Return Project is working toward the establishment of an industry standard for good practices in protecting client rights.

Furthermore, World Education is a leader in introducing farmer field schools and integrated pest management. Through hands-on learning opportunities, participants learn how to increase their crop yield on their own farms through more environmentally friendly and cost-effective means.

In addition to providing opportunities to enhance literacy and livelihoods, World Education has experience in providing mine risk education to those living in landmine and UXO affected areas. Mine risk education materials developed in Cambodia have been used to inform programming in Laos, Burma, and Nepal.

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