Focusing on Early-Grade Reading


A student at one of World Education’s TRAC+ and TEST Project schools

In response to disappointing national literacy scores among early grade children in 2010, Cambodia’s Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport (MoEYS) developed new textbooks for Grades 1-3, providing a prime opportunity for World Education to support MoEYS in its implementation of the new curricula and to contribute to national efforts to improve early grade reading outcomes. World Education designed an integrated approach to early-grade reading instruction that included the development of reading benchmarks; literacy coaches; and a Rapid Response System consisting of parental engagement, reading games, materials, and an mLearning app in Khmer connected to the national curriculum. Through these various interventions, students receive the targeted, individualized instruction that they need to develop strong reading skills. Based on the proven success of the approach, the MoEYS has approved and adopted the model, charting a clear path for replication at a far greater scale.

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