Harnessing Technology to Improve Education


Students at one of World Education’s TRAC+ and TEST Project schools play reading games in the mLearning app. The app was developed as part of the TRAC pilot program.

Information and communication technologies (ICT) skills are becoming increasingly important in society. Access to and integration of ICT in the learning process can greatly enhance students’ ability to access and share information, and can qualitatively improve learning. WEI is currently integrating ICT programming in four areas: 1) An mLearning smartphone application to improve reading skills, 2) Sustainable and cost-effective thin-client computer labs, whose model has been integrated into programs by other organizations such as ADB and USAID, 3) A website for migrant youth to access information on safe migration, and 4) An app that digitizes the Continuous Assessment System designed by World Education to measure early-grade reading skills.

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