Past Projects

Life Skills for HIV and AIDS Education (2005-2007)

Though Cambodia has achieved recent success in its fight against the spread of HIV, the disease continues to pose a very real threat, and the youth of Cambodia may be among the country’s most vulnerable. Building on past collaborative efforts,

Scaling-Up Pre-Service Teacher Training for HIV and AIDS Education Project (2005-2006)

The growing HIV epidemic puts the lives and futures of Cambodian youth at great risk. With more than 50% of Cambodians under the age of 20, it remains of vital importance to educate youth about HIV and AIDS to help

HIV and AIDS Education: Promoting Healthy Youth and HIV and AIDS Prevention for In-School and Out-of-School Youth (2005-2006)

To help change behaviors and attitudes of youth (ages 15 to 24) related to HIV and AIDS, World Education implemented interventions targeting in-school and out-of-school youth in Takeo and Pursat provinces. The HIV prevention education strategies combined an emphasis on

Green Health Project (2006)

Food security and a lack of awareness of basic nutrition continue to be problems in many parts of Cambodia, and the resulting poor health and malnutrition adversely affect the development and school attendance of children. The goal of the Green

Mine Risk Education Project for Children (2000)

To help protect young people from the dangers posed by landmines and UXO, the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports and World Education developed and implemented the Mine Risk Education Project for Children. Funded primarily through UNICEF, the two and